Roland TrueVIS SG2 Printer Cutter

The Roland DG TrueVIS SG2 was designed to inspire creative expression with outstanding colour and to grow your business by providing an unmatched level of convenience and productivity.

The vibrant colour of the new TR2 inks and the new True Rich Color combine to maximise the potential performance of the hardware and inks. Unprecedented gamut expansion, a unique preset that delivers both vividness and natural reproduction at the same time, and the quality of myriad technical details add up to exceptional performance and value.

  • Outstanding colour thanks to the new TrueVIS TR2 ink and the “True Rich Color” preset to provide superior colour reproduction capability and a wider colour gamut.
  • Highly reliable print and cut production with automated long-run decals/label production
  • Eliminate trimming with improved cutting control technology through the introduction of a precision perforated cut function.
  • Exceptional performance to handle short turnaround orders with Roland DG FlexFire printheads to maximise print performance
  • Reliable, durable and safe, TR2 ink is certified for long-lasting results by 3MTM MCSTM providing assurance of the quality and reliability of their graphics and Avery ICS Performance Guarantee providing protection for up to 4 years outdoors and up to 7 years indoor.
  • VersaWorks 6 accelerates your printing business by simplifying operation while maximising power.
  • Available in three sizes:
    • SG2-300 holds media up to 762mm or 30 inches and prints up to 736mm or 29 inches
    • SG2-540 holds media up to 1372mm or 54 inches and prints up to 1346mm or 53 inches
    • SG2-640 holds media up to 1625mm or 60 inches and prints up to 1600mm or 64 inches

To learn more about these and other enhancements on the Roland DG TrueVIS SG2 Series, contact our team of experts.

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