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Acrycast Cast Acrylic Sheet Colours


Need an easy alternative to glass but don’t want to give away strength, durability and clarity? Acrycast® Cast Acrylic Sheet, is a premium quality branded product with a pedigree of more than 20 years of performing at the highest levels in world markets.

Acrycast sheets are produced in Asia from methyl-methacrylate monomer and have outstanding physical, mechanical, optical, chemical resistant, and thermal properties.

Acrycast is manufactured from a lightweight, rigid thermoplastic material that has many times the breakage resistance of glass and offers excellent outdoor stability when exposed to the ‘Australian sun’.



• Lightweight - Acrycast (specific gravity 1.19) is less than half the weight of inorganic glass
• Crystal clear appearance - Colour-less Acrycast is crystal clear and transmits 92% of visible light
• Chemical resistant - Acrycast is resistant to inorganic chemicals and normal chained hydrocarbons
• Easy fabrication - Acrycast can be saw cut, drilled, routed, machined, solvent cemented, polished and strip bent using conventional acrylic sheet fabrication techniques
• Thermoformable - Acrycast is an excellent thermoplastic, as it is a cell cast sheet, it is not subject to the excessive shrinkage that is encountered in extruded or continuously manufactured sheets
• Scratch resistance - Acrycast has a surface hardness almost identical to aluminium



• Architectural
• Signage
• Bathroom accessories
• Furniture
• General signage
• Glazing
• Household goods
• Outdoor applications


Also available in a range of colours and sizing - contact your local team for more information.


Acrycast Cast Acrylic Colour Range

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