Product Focus: Dominate outdoor advertising with EconoVue

Clear Focus EconoVue Window Installation

EconoVue is popular with advertisers, such as retail businesses, show rooms, service stations and fast food outlets, because it is an economical film for short term campaigns.

Did you know that EconoVue is designed with smaller holes and more printable surface area per square metre than automotive grade One Way Vision? EconoVue is a great choice for POS/POP window graphics in retail environments less than 12 months.


EconoVue Benefits 

- Economical, reduce material costs for short term advertising campaigns
- Attracts people’s attention to the printed image
- Reduces glare from the sun for people inside looking out
- Helps reduce fading of stock, furniture and fittings in store


Clear Focus One Way Vision are the experts for see-through One Way Vision. EconoVue has been designed to attract people’s attention, to the printed image yet allowing excellent view-ability from inside of the building, looking out. Thereby maximising the campaign value and giving your window advertisements the wow factor.

Dominate outdoor advertising, maximise the number of people seeing your message, give privacy to what’s inside yet provide a clear view to the outside. No risk of falling off due to strong adhesion to glass. EconoVue is a budget film for POS/POP applications.

Specify EconoVue and EconoLam EconoVue has 1.5mm holes with 40% of the vinyl perforated, leaving nearly two thirds for printing. The matching laminate is EconoLam. This makes it a great choice for shop fronts, office windows, glass doors and glass balustrades.


Contact the Amari Visual Solutions Team today to find out more about Clear Focus EconoVue.

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