Product Focus: General Formulations 110 EraseMark Pro


GF 110 EraseMark Pro™ is a clear polyester laminate with a high performance hard-coated engineered surface. This dry erase whiteboard vinyl works well with quality dry erase markers and its anti-graffiti properties allow for easy removal of permanent markers and crayons.



• High gloss finish
• Hard coated polyester construction for long term or demanding applications in industrial settings, schools, hospitals
• Easy to clean using a dry or wet microfibre cloth
• Non ghosting or yellowing construction
• Up to 5 years indoor durability

Notes: Do not use felt erasers as they can scratch the surface. If permanent markers have been used, use a light IPA solution on a clean cloth to remove.


Suitable for a wide range of applications including retail, offices, educational, hospitals and restaurants.


CON1101372 is available to purchase by the metre. A4 test samples available.


Want to know more? Learn all the tricks required for installing GF 110 EraseMark Pro from Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute.

Contact the experienced team at Amari Visual Solutions on 1800 01 7446 to arrange a sample.

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